How we work.

Architectural and Design projects use an established structure which provides a clear sequence of stages taking a project from initial concept to completion.
We guide our clients through the design process step by step using the stages below.

Stage 1.
Brief Building & Survey

Our projects begin by understanding both our client and the building or site we are working with.
At this stage we arrange a measured survey of the site and work with you to summarise your ambitions and objectives which sculpt the project ahead.

Stage 2.
Concept Design

With your aims clear, we go away, reflecting on everything we have discussed to generate thoughtful, enjoyable and feasible ideas.
From these ideas we assemble your final concept. This agrees the direction of a project.

Stage 3.
Design Development

A well formed concept provides a strong foundation for any project.

From this point our proposals are honed in close consultation with our client, specialist consultants and local planning authorities to produce a Final Design that represents the best combination of what you like, what will work, and what can be approved for building.

Stage 4.
Technical Design

Stage four involves developing production drawings from which the project will be built.

The devil really is in the detail.
This is a hugely important stage which determines exactly how every corner your project will be built.

Our production drawings form the basis of your application to Building Control and the briefing required to appoint a contractor.